Savory Staples, Sweet Baked Goods

Harmony Bakery is a family business with deeps roots in the Baltimore area and the local vegetarian community where Puffins restaurant was a well-known foodie magnet almost forty years ago. Puffins was started by Renee and Don Gorman and staffed by their children Lisa and Kirk, who grew up in the restaurant business.

When it came time to raise their own families, the kids moved on. But Renee and Don never gave up on their dream to do what they loved- cooking healthy, delicious food for others – and moved on to find a home at The Waverly Farmers Market. They became a local fixture there, for years creating both savory staples and sweet baked goods for sale every Saturday morning, rain or shine.

“The Perfect Little Bakery”

When Lisa’s children no longer needed a stay-at-home mom it was time to revisit the dream of “the perfect little bakery,” where every recipe is carefully thought out and crafted to be delightfully tasteful and leave you feeling satisfied, healthy, and well-fed.

Now, it’s Lisa’s turn to take the reins- and Harmony Bakery and Café is that perfect little bakery! Along with her parents, Renee and Don, and now three lifetimes of experience in the kitchen, everything at Harmony is prepared using local produce whenever possible. They are also constantly looking to improve recipes with the best organic and ethically sourced ingredients, striving to offer a menu that supports well-being and sustainability for the planet.

Today Lisa, Renee and Don are ecstatic to be able to continue doing what they all love- and with Harmony Bakery they share that love with every customer who walks in the door, whether they come from around the corner, the country, or the globe.